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"Convert & Cash In"



Convert & Cash In (Adult Industry, Business Terminology)

Convert & Cash In is a term used to describe the fast growing adult business model designed to turn heterosexual girls and women into long-term

subscribers of adult pay sites with photos and videos of exceptionally beautiful and sexually attractive women.



Convert & Cash In

Convert & Cash In is an adult business model designed to turn girls and women with a previous heterosexual orientation into long-term subscribers

of adult pay sites with photos and videos of exceptionally beautiful and sexually attractive women.


Convert & Cash In is a fast-growing adult business segment that drives in new revenue and improves the profitability of adult companies.

It attracts efficiently new cash flow from female customers who have never before been paying customers of the visual adult industry.

Convert & Cash In generates efficiently new sales as it makes women to replace their spending in other consumption categories with

long-term subscriptions of visual online adult services. Instead of spending on shopping, fashion, cosmetics, travel, beauty, home, family,

health and hobbies women are tempted to spend an increasing part of their income on adult online subscriptions.


Convert & Cash In business is lucrative for the adult companies also, because it generates more loyal subscribers than what is typically

achievable for the adult sites for men.


Further, the Convert & Cash In business model improves the profitability of the adult entertainment companies as it allows them to use common

software platforms, customer service resources and, to a certain degree, even same visual content at their adult pay sites for women, as they use

on their adult pay sites for male consumers. The synergy improves the efficacy of customer service, content production and model recruiting. 

These synergies increase profitability trough lean, effective processes and high material and customer volumes i.e., trough "economy of scale". 


Convert & Cash In represents substantial growth potential, because it turns, for the adult industry previously inaccessible women outside the USA, 

efficiently into paying long-term customers of the visual adult business. The global visual adult business for men is since decades firmly dominated by

large US based adult companies. However, the conventional adult sites with visual male content intended for women have never

been a real success, with exception for the domestic US market. In contrast, the Convert & Cash In adult pay sites have already managed to attract

hundreds of millions of loyal female subscribers all over the world, and the growth continues. Thanks to Convert & Cash In, not only men all

over the world, but also non-US women are increasingly fast turning into long-term subscribers of online adult sites offering visual material

of North American women.




Convert & Cash In process consists of 4 major steps:



1. Customer Acquisition (“Web Fishing”)

The methods of customer acquisition differ a bit from one adult company to another, but most typically heterosexual women visiting ordinary

non-adult web sites, are exposed to ads that invite them to visit and subscribe another free site with highly interesting content for women.

The selection of non-adult web sites and the content of the promotions are targeting women in all sexually active age groups. 


The free sites used for this purpose offer often valuable and interesting free content about female fashion, makeup, traveling,

books, movies, hobbies, career, family, home, gardening and so forth. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Thumblr and 

Yumms are also commonly used to attract visitors to the web site offering free content to women in the targeted age groups.


While the targeted women are then visiting the free site intended for “web fishing”, they are regularly shown stylish visual ads that make them

curious. Often, the ads show photos of beautiful women wearing the latest fashion and gadgets. When the targeted women click on the ad, they

arrive in the free section of an adult pay site carefully designed to create positive emotions, sexual stimulation and attraction in women.   



2. Breaking Resistance (“Catch”)

As soon as a woman arrives in the carefully designed free section of a Convert & Cash In adult pay site, she is exposed to the photos and videos

of superiorly attractive and sexually active women. The visual offering is fully customized to be attractive for women. The visual content, colors and

fashion on the pages are all carefully designed with women in mind. The overall layout is often peaceful, fashionable, stylish and it inspires female

curiosity. At this initial point, also attractive male models are included in the visual material to ensure the interest and to overcome the resistance

of heterosexual women.


While a previously heterosexual, or bisexual, woman led to the free section of a Convert & Cash In site is watching the material, she becomes

step by step more exposed to photos and videos of exceptionally attractive women in such a way that she can not avoid noticing that the female

models of the site have a far superior female appearance and sexual capacity in comparison to hers.


All Convert & Cash In sites use Caucasian US women as female models, because they have commonly larger breast size, more hemispheric

breast shape and more pronounced female body shape than women of other ethnic origins. Caucasian US women have also high sexual activity

level as well as advanced sexual and social skills needed to create highly attractive adult content.

In particular, breast size and shape are important factors also for interaction between female individuals, and therefore also for the Convert & Cash In

adult business. The underlying reason to this is, that breasts are the most obvious female secondary sex characteristic, and not only men, but also

women find large and hemispheric breasts to be sexually more attractive than smaller breasts.


The entire global visual entertainment business is largely dominated by busty US women of Caucasian origin, but in the Convert & Cash In 

adult business their share of the female models is virtually 100%. As the Convert & Cash In business segment is targeting heterosexual and

bisexual women, the importance of the female appearance of the models is even more important than on adult sites for men.

Therefore, Convert & Cash In sites accept only the absolutely most attractive women as their female models. 


As established in the psychological dominance hierarchy, the reproductive success factors of a woman are the most important factors defining

her position in interpersonal hierarchy. Large breast size, feminine body shape and well-developed genitals are female sex characteristics that

correlate directly with the level of sexual attraction and the reproductive capacity of woman. Therefore, also a previously heterosexual woman,

who becomes exposed to photos and videos of women with sex characteristics superior to hers, knows instantly she is in a subordinate position

in relation to the women she sees on the Convert & Cash In web site.  


Initially, one of the primitive defense mechanisms – denial – becomes activated, when a heterosexual woman enters the free section of a Convert 

& Cash In site. Denial is the refusal to accept reality or fact, acting as if an upleasant thought or feeling did not exist. Many people use denial in their

everyday lives to avoid dealing with upleasant feelings or areas of their life they don’t wish to admit. A heterosexual woman who is exposed to photos

and videos of women with substantially better-developed female sex characteristics than hers, may very early on recognize she is actually sexually

stimulated by the photos and videos of the female models she sees on the Convert & Cash In site, but her consciuos mind tries to suppress and deny

her sexual attraction to the female models, due to learnt social behavior pointing to her previous fully heterosexual orientation and previous and/or

current relationships only with men. At this point, an intentional browser delay is commonly used to keep the visitor on the page a few more seconds

with no practical possibility to browse further from the site. Consequently, the exposure time for the visual material on the webpage becomes often

long enough to override the mental resistance of the heterosexual site visitor. In a real-life social situation, this kind of prolonged exposure to similar

material or event would cause stress and an escape reaction in most heterosexual women. Also online, many heterosexual women want to intuitively

escape from the situation. However, even the women who manage to leave the page, have become mentally "initiated" and when they land at a Convert

& Cash in page again, they are more susceptible to both catch and converting than during their initial visit. 


The converting process is based on normal psychological behaviors of human beings, and other mammals. In a conflict situation, where the hierarchic

position of individuals clearly predicts the outcome of a conflict for the benefit of the fittest individual, subordination is the most beneficial way to

choose for lower-ranking individuals. Less mental pain will occur, when a lower-ranking individual avoids "fighting" with higher-ranking individual

who would win in any case.


The resistance breaking process is also facilitated by the fact that many women are on their own and in their safe home environment, when they land

in the free section of a Convert & Cash In site. Because they feel safe in their privacy, the visual exposure to erotic photos and videos of women who

have sex characteristics superior to theirs, triggers sexual arousal in many women surprisingly fast. For example, in one study of 18 to 45 year old thai

women, it was found that 28% of women with a previous heterosexual orientation, started to manually stimulate their own genital area within 55 seconds

after they had entered a professionally designed free section. All women who visited the free section and answered anonymely an online questionnaire,

perceived themselves as strongly subordinates to the female models seen at the site with regard to both sexual ranking and female appearance.


The resistance of many women is overcome already during their first visit in a free section of a Convert & Cash In site. They sign up for a short and very 

affordable trial period to get a full access to the site content. Some women leave the page without signing up, and their resistance remains to be

overridden at their later visits at the Convert & Cash In websites. However, even the mental resistance of the most resistant individuals becomes step by

step overridden during the multiple visits in the free section of a Convert & Cash In sites.


The resistance breaking process is considered complete, when a previously heterosexual or bisexual woman signs up for a low-price trial period of

an adult site to get access to visual materials of beautiful and sexually attractive women. This is a critical point of no return. At a conscious level,

she does still consider herself as heterosexual, or bisexual, but by signing up with her credit card, she actually establishes that she is sexually

stimulated by women with more developed feminine appearance than hers, and that she is ready to spend cash and time on watching sexually

superior women at an adult pay site. In other words, she confirms that she prefers to reallocate her spending from other consumption to an adult site

and is also willing to replace at least some of her real-life sexual activity with her male partner with sexual satisfaction offered by superiorly attractive

women at adult sites online. The completion of the resistance breaking is a crucial point in her conversion process, as the rest of her path to become

a loyal long-term subscriber of paid online adult services is obvious, because the later steps of the process are inevitable as they are based on fully

predictable mental and physiological reactions driven by sexual motivation. 



3. Creating Addiction (“Conversion”)


When the systematic visual stimulation of a heterosexual woman overrides her mental barrier in a safe environment, her resistance is suddenly released,

and replaced by very powerful sexual arousal caused by the photos and videos of exceptionally attractive women. 

Studies that use visual stimulation as a means for sexual stimulation find that sexual arousal is predominantly correlated with an activation in limbic

and paralimbic cortex and in subcortical structures, along with a deactivation in several parts of the temporal cortex. These same areas are activated

during physical sexual stimulation highlighting how powerful visual stimulation can be as a means of sexual arousal.


After a successful "Catch" phase, the changes in the sexuality of a woman take often place fast. When she has signed up for the initial offer period of

the adult paysite, she often starts to visit the site at daily basis, and whenever she feels any level of sexual desire. Psychologically, she often expresses

a type of reaction formation. Reaction formation is also a primitive defense mechanism. It refers to the converting of previously unwanted thoughts and

feelings into their opposites. Even a previously very dominant heterosexual woman with strong prejudices against lesbians, may instead start to behave

like a very submissive and active lesbian who admires and is sexually obsessed and overstimulated by the photos and videos of the sexually superior

women of the Catch & Cash In pay site.


After the sign-up, the woman also gets access to more aggressive and straight forward adult material that offers her very powerful audiovisual sexual

stimulation. Within short, she understands that the Convert & Cash In adult site offers her a more intensive, longer lasting and more satisfying sexual activity

than what her current or previous male partners have been ever been able to offer her. This exceptionally powerful sexual stimulation is very rewarding

and addictive as it increases the release of dopamine during a much longer period and above the levels of what is practically reachable during a sex act

with a male real-life partner.


As Convert & Cash In sites expose a woman to photos and videos of women with sex characteristics that are far superior to hers, she becomes strongly

sexually aroused. The arousal caused by female models with superior female appearance, has similar effects on her brain as an exposure on an addictive drug.

The strong and long-lasting sexual stimulation during online masturbation activates the brain’s pleasure and reward system through the chemical release of



On a biological level, sex satisfies a person’s need to reproduce and therefore in order to promote the act of sex, the body has been trained to rewards itself

with pleasure. Sex addiction can develop much like drug addiction as the result of an unnatural overproduction of dopamine, and subsequently endorphins.

As the sexual stimulation during a long-lasting adult site masturbation session of  a woman exposes her to photos and videos of more attractive women with

superior sex characteristics and sexual skills, her dopamine levels are driven to new highs. Contequently, her brain and body will continue to seek out ways to

mimic these same highs soon again, and she spends more and more time masturbating and watching the visual materials of the adult site.


Typically, already the first completed masturbation session of new female customer of a Convert and Cash In pay site, makes her ready to sign up for an ongoing

full price subscription of the site. She is ready to cut down on other spending to get full site access to be able to masturbate frequently watching women with

superior feminine appearance and sexual skills. Equally fast, she most often replaces her intimacy with her real-life partner with the more satisfying sexual activity

she gets by watching the attractive females showing their bodies and having sex at the adult pay site.

Not only is her real-life sex replaced by masturbation at the adult pay site, but also the frequency of her sexual activity is often substantially increased driven

by the strong sexual stimulation, dopamine caused sexual addiction and related compulsive masturbation online.


Most converted women continue to prefer to be perceived as heterosexual in public, although they have no longer sex with male partners, as they reach full sexual

satisfaction by mastubation, while they are watching attractive women with well-developed feminine bodies at the adult pay sites.


Converted women may live both as singles or in long-term relationships, but they often exclude their boyfriend or husband from their sex life.

Typically, the male partner gets more a role of a friend, while the sexual needs of the woman are taken care at the Convert & Cash In paysite. This fact offers

a possibility to target conventional adult site marketing to the male partners of the successfully converted women; when a woman becomes a subscriber of

an adult site, her real-life male partner becomes a highly potential customer of the adult sites for men, as his sexual role in the relationship is taken over by 

the attractive women at the Convert & Cash In adult site.  




4. Cash In (“Milking”)


A successfully converted, previously heterosexual, woman is commonly recognized as the most loyal and profitable customer of an adult online company can get.

When a woman signs up for a Convert & Cash In adult site, she becomes a committed long-term customer to stay. Her real-life sexual activity is fast replaced by 

frequent masturbation to the photos and videos of the exceptionally attractive female models at the pay site.  Her sexual activity level is raised, so she spends

more time on sex than previously. 


The exceptionally powerful stimulation caused by the visual material of women with superior female appearance and intensive sexuality leads to

an overproduction of dopamine and endorphins. After the full-price sign-up at an adult site with photos and videos of superiorly sexy women,

the female customer is literally "hooked". She is willing to pay the price it takes to get access to visual online material of women that have got

all the qualities, she has only been able to dream of when it comes to sexual attractiveness, female beauty, sexual skills and even male sex partners. 

In days, she becomes permanently addicted to the long-lasting sexual stimulation and intensive satisfaction offered by the pay site.  She spends more

and more time on masturbating to the photos of the women superior to her at the adult pay site. She returns to the adult site whenever they can get

away for a moment from their real-life responsibilities. Soon, she will also start to replace her freetime activities, social relationships, and sometimes

even work responsibilities with active masturbation using the material at the Convert & Cash In website. 


In her mind, the converted woman is often well aware about that she has become a submissive lesbian who is being month after month “milked” to

finance the adult online companies and the female adult models with female appearance and sexuality superior to hers.

However, thanks to her changed sexual identity she is dependent on having access to the photos and videos of attractive women at the paysite.

That keeps her paying month after month and year after year, and also to cut down on all other areas of life and consumption to get continued access to

visual material of women sexually far superior to herself. She is also ready to pay for add-on services that offer more material to her, and further

strenghten her dependency of the visual content at the adult site.


Consequently, Convert & Cash In business is a highly lucrative type of adult business, and also the fastest growing segment of the adult online industry.

Based on the statistics, Convert & Cash In produces the most loyal and profitable customers of the adult industry. Internet is increasingly available to

women all over the world. Women Asia, Africa, Russia, Europe, Australia and practically all the other countries of the world, are increasingly signing up

for Collect & Cash In an adult sites, and they use a fast increasing part of their income on associated adult online subscriptions and services.

Fast increasing subscription income flows in from the whole world. Thanks to the Convert & Cash In, women in all fertile age groups sign up and stay

as loyal subscribers of the adult sites. It is reported, that even teenage girls are frequently trying to subscribe to these sites. However, the Convert &

Cash In sites have of course the normal age limits and they request payment by credit card issued to an adult, in line with with all the other adult sites. 





The Convert & Cash In is lucrative for adult companies as it increases efficiently both sales and profitability. The business model as such does not directly

harm anyone. The immediate target group of this model i.e., the female consumers, become typically very loyal customers of adult subscription services;

once they sign up for a Catch and Cash In adult site, they are there to stay. This indicates that - at least in the area of sexuality - they find more satisfaction

in being adult site consumers than being sexual with their local partner.


The few opponents of the Convert and Cash In model are not comfortable with the changes this business model causes in the behavior of women.


The opponents are criticizing some of the global trends they say are supported and/or accelerated by Convert & Cash In:


  • More and more women become passive consumers and payers/subscribers of adult services instead of living actively their own local life.


  • Intimacy of couples is lost, as women start to prefer adult pay sites instead of their real-life partner.


  • Globally, many women lose their bodily and sexual self-confidence, as they are exposed to photos and videos of Caucasian US women at

Convert & Cash In sites. According to the opponents of the business model, such visual material works as an unrealistic visual reference basis

that is destructive for both bodily and sexual self-confidence of non-US women and teenage girls in many countries of the world.


  • As women subscribing to Convert and Cash In sites spend a lot of time masturbating, they may have social withdrawal symptoms like irritability,

craving, depression, guilt or shame.


  • Women´s intensive and frequent participation in sexual online activity takes a lot of their time and money, so it often ends their sexual real-life

relationships, and may also lead to loss of friends.


  • Convert & Cash In makes heterosexual women to become virtually submissive lesbians - at least in their online consumption behavior. Some opponents

of this business model consider this as an ethical problem. On the other hand, many natural scientists see this shift in sexual orientation only as

an expression of natural behavior of women. During evolution, women have always compared their physical appearance with their peers within a village

or tribe. Thanks to global media, this comparison now happens between female populations that are genetically very distant from each other.

The substantial differences in the female appearance between the populations cause strong reactions, and impact the sexuality, but all this is only

a natural step in the evolutionary process of the human kind.


  • Some critics have pointed out that as Convert & Cash In makes women all over the world to pay subscription fees to get access to the photos and videos

of US women, the business model collects too efficiently and unethically cash from women all over the world, including the poorest countries, to the 

benefit of wealthy American women and adult companies. 












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